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Download Malayalam FML Fonts Free

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Download Malayalam FML Fonts Free

FMLAH0NTT68.0 KiB893
FMLAH0XTT79.0 KiB673
FMLAI0ITT77.8 KiB641
FMLAI0NTT70.3 KiB614
FMLAJ0BTT142.6 KiB601
FMLAJ0XTT160.4 KiB583
FMLAL0NTT88.2 KiB561
FMLAM0BTT69.6 KiB566
FMLAM0ITT74.9 KiB532
FMLAM0NTT68.4 KiB539
FMLAM0XTT75.7 KiB505
FMLAN0BTT79.6 KiB485
FMLAN0XTT90.6 KiB482
FMLAP0XTT94.3 KiB482
FMLAS0BTT70.8 KiB470
FMLAS0ITT82.0 KiB456
FMLAS0NTT71.2 KiB469
FMLAS0XTT78.6 KiB438
FMLAT0BTT91.4 KiB431
FMLAT0ITT99.5 KiB408
FMLAT0NTT91.4 KiB400
FMLAT0XTT97.7 KiB406
FMLBH0BTT74.5 KiB428
FMLBH0ITT80.9 KiB413
FMLBH0NTT75.9 KiB410
FMLBH0XTT79.1 KiB394
FMLBK0ITT104.5 KiB419
FMLBK0NTT98.2 KiB399
FMLCH0BTT48.5 KiB404
FMLCH0NTT49.4 KiB390
FMLCI0BTT48.8 KiB398
FMLCI0XTT57.1 KiB370
FMLCN0BTT60.1 KiB368
FMLCN0ITT65.5 KiB375
FMLCN0NTT60.0 KiB386
FMLCN0XTT65.6 KiB363
FMLDV0XTT68.6 KiB387
FMLGE0BTT53.8 KiB424
FMLGE0XTT64.1 KiB385
FMLGI0ITT59.9 KiB401
FMLGI0NTT48.4 KiB380
FMLGP0BTT67.1 KiB397
FMLGP0ITT75.5 KiB377
FMLGP0NTT68.9 KiB406
FMLGP0XTT73.3 KiB401
FMLGR0BTT43.6 KiB409
FMLGR0XTT45.8 KiB397
FMLGU0BTT47.9 KiB439
FMLGU0XTT71.1 KiB431
FMLIH0BPS19.5 KiB511

We did not create these fonts and do not have any legal rights on these fonts.  This is a collection of various websites. We provide them free to our readers. As far as we are aware all of these fonts are free for non-commercial use. Some of them are also free for commercial use. If you have any questions regarding copyright or what constitutes commercial use you should contact the font author. If anybody found the sharing of any of these fonts are violating any copyright laws, please inform us. Our address –

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