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Download Malayalam General and Web Fonts Free

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Achin53.0 KiB1862
Aruna55.5 KiB1183
Cham Bold75.7 KiB934
Cham Heavy76.1 KiB758
Cham Normal75.9 KiB723
Chowara61.4 KiB835
Deepa56.2 KiB909
DVMalayalam37.8 KiB1013
Ec-thinkal61.9 KiB778
Ecw-thinkal60.1 KiB646
Gayathri37.8 KiB878
Goodnewsj62.6 KiB638
Goodnewsu45.4 KiB542
Goodnewsy49.4 KiB557
Haritha69.3 KiB762
Indu95.1 KiB719
Jana Malayalam111.1 KiB819
Janaranjini32.5 KiB615
Jsaroja50.4 KiB608
Kalakaumudi56.0 KiB692
Karthika61.6 KiB987
Kartika Src162.4 KiB594
Karumbi582.4 KiB817
Kaveri63.2 KiB818
Kerala52.7 KiB907
Keralax63.7 KiB592
MAAnoob118.4 KiB532
MAL-Rooble31.3 KiB572
Malayalam84.5 KiB927
MalayalamAbe46.2 KiB596
MalOtf88.1 KiB511
Manorama54.8 KiB762
Matweb79.6 KiB529
MLU-Panini49.2 KiB595
OyeMalayalam56.2 KiB627
Priya51.9 KiB654
RENG23.5 KiB529
RKB51.0 KiB501
Salma254.3 KiB566
Shree ML 50252.5 KiB568
Shree-Mal-0501105.4 KiB623
SIB52.1 KiB577
Vidya Normal54.9 KiB742
Vidyabold55.5 KiB787

We did not create these fonts and do not have any legal rights on these fonts. This is a collection from various websites. We provide them free to our readers. As far as we are aware all of these fonts are free for non-commercial use. Some of them are also free for commercial use. If you have any questions regarding copyright or what constitutes commercial use you should contact the font author. If anybody found sharing of any of these fonts are violating any copyright laws, please inform us. Our address –

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