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Download Malayalam FML Fonts Free

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Download Malayalam FML Fonts Free

FML-Akhila-Bold25.4 KiB7972
FML-Indulekha-BoldItalic24.2 KiB5791
FML-Mohini-Bold19.9 KiB4374
FML-Mohini-BoldItalic21.1 KiB3194
FML-Mohini-Italic21.2 KiB2842
FML-Mohini20.4 KiB5074
FML-Nanditha-Bold22.9 KiB3367
FML-Nanditha-BoldItalic23.1 KiB2557
FML-Nanditha-Italic21.1 KiB2421
FML-Nanditha20.8 KiB3913
FML-Padmanabha-Bold20.7 KiB3429
FML-Padmanabha-BoldItalic21.3 KiB2527
FML-Sruthy-Bold24.5 KiB3216
FML-Sruthy-BoldItalic24.5 KiB2192
FML-Sruthy-Italic26.1 KiB2103
FML-Sruthy25.9 KiB3522
FML-TTAyilyamBold Bold Italic95.0 KiB2484
FML-TTThakazhi Bold67.2 KiB2867
FML-TTThiruvathira Bold Italic70.7 KiB2143
FML-TTThiruvathira Italic71.7 KiB1987
FML-TTThiruvathira68.9 KiB2811
FML-TTThunchan Bold Italic69.0 KiB1781
FML-TTThunchan Bold63.9 KiB2259
FML-TTThunchan Italic71.1 KiB1764
FML-TTThunchan64.8 KiB2486
FML-TTVaisali Bold Italic107.8 KiB1712
FML-TTVaisali Bold98.5 KiB2291
FML-TTVarsha Bold Italic77.2 KiB1670
FML-TTVarsha Bold70.6 KiB2207
FML-TTVarsha Italic79.0 KiB1632
FML-TTVeenaHeavy Italic65.1 KiB1666
FML-TTVeenaHeavy60.3 KiB2059
FML-TTVinay Bold70.1 KiB1889
FML-TTVinay70.6 KiB2096
FML-TTVisakham Bold Italic64.4 KiB1564
FML-TTVisakham Bold61.8 KiB1878
FML-TTVisakham Italic66.1 KiB1575
FML-TTVisakham62.1 KiB1861
FML-TTVishu Bold Italic84.8 KiB1603
FML-TTVishu Bold79.7 KiB1990
FML-TTVishu Italic85.9 KiB1645
FML-TTVishu78.9 KiB2144
FML-TTYashasri Bold Italic67.7 KiB1845
FML-TTYashasri Bold58.8 KiB2021
FMLAA0BTT69.0 KiB1866
FMLAA0ITT76.9 KiB1556
FMLAA0NTT68.9 KiB1568
FMLAA0XTT76.9 KiB1587
FMLAH0BTT70.3 KiB1751
FMLAH0ITT80.4 KiB2023
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We did not create these fonts and do not have any legal rights on these fonts.  This is a collection of various websites. We provide them free to our readers. As far as we are aware all of these fonts are free for non-commercial use. Some of them are also free for commercial use. If you have any questions regarding copyright or what constitutes commercial use you should contact the font author. If anybody found the sharing of any of these fonts are violating any copyright laws, please inform us. Our address –

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