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Download Malayalam FML Fonts Free

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Download Malayalam FML Fonts Free

FMLKR0BPS23.1 KiB331
FML-Nanditha-Bold22.9 KiB3751
FMLRV0XPS22.1 KiB382
FMLIH0XPS21.8 KiB432
FMLKR0IPS21.4 KiB331
FML-Padmanabha-BoldItalic21.3 KiB2856
FML-Mohini-Italic21.2 KiB3200
FMLRV0NPS21.1 KiB314
FML-Nanditha-Italic21.1 KiB2715
FML-Mohini-BoldItalic21.1 KiB3580
FMLRV0BPS21.0 KiB307
FML-Nanditha20.8 KiB4389
FML-Padmanabha-Bold20.7 KiB3879
FMLLL0XPS20.4 KiB391
FML-Mohini20.4 KiB5658
FMLRV0IPS20.4 KiB296
FMLKR0NPS20.3 KiB322
FMLLL0IPS20.2 KiB323
FML-Mohini-Bold19.9 KiB4913
FMLLI0IPS19.9 KiB342
FMLLL0NPS19.5 KiB337
FMLIH0BPS19.5 KiB583
FMLLL0BPS19.5 KiB340
FMLLI0NPS19.2 KiB336

We did not create these fonts and do not have any legal rights on these fonts.  This is a collection of various websites. We provide them free to our readers. As far as we are aware all of these fonts are free for non-commercial use. Some of them are also free for commercial use. If you have any questions regarding copyright or what constitutes commercial use you should contact the font author. If anybody found the sharing of any of these fonts are violating any copyright laws, please inform us. Our address –

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