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Download Malayalam FML Fonts Free

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Download Malayalam FML Fonts Free

FML-TTThakazhi Bold67.2 KiB3188
FML-TTYashasri Bold Italic67.7 KiB2070
FMLTH0BTT68.0 KiB469
FMLAH0NTT68.0 KiB1006
FMLND0ITT68.0 KiB296
FMLML0XTT68.2 KiB330
FMLML0ITT68.2 KiB332
FMLAM0NTT68.4 KiB617
FMLNN0NTT68.5 KiB284
FMLDV0XTT68.6 KiB433
FML-TTThiruvathira68.9 KiB3150
FMLAA0NTT68.9 KiB1765
FMLGP0NTT68.9 KiB450
FML-TTThunchan Bold Italic69.0 KiB1995
FMLJY0XTT69.0 KiB343
FMLAA0BTT69.0 KiB2084
FMLNN0BTT69.1 KiB303
FMLNN0ITT69.3 KiB281
FMLAM0BTT69.6 KiB649
FML-TTVinay Bold70.1 KiB2102
FMLAI0NTT70.3 KiB702
FMLAH0BTT70.3 KiB1979
FMLNN0XTT70.4 KiB296
FMLPA0NTT70.5 KiB311
FML-TTVinay70.6 KiB2335
FML-TTVarsha Bold70.6 KiB2455
FML-TTThiruvathira Bold Italic70.7 KiB2388
FMLAS0BTT70.8 KiB536
FMLJY0ITT70.9 KiB358
FMLPA0BTT70.9 KiB297
FMLKM0XTT71.0 KiB339
FMLGU0XTT71.1 KiB496
FML-TTThunchan Italic71.1 KiB1966
FMLAS0NTT71.2 KiB528
FMLKM0ITT71.5 KiB348
FML-TTThiruvathira Italic71.7 KiB2215
FMLSA0XTT72.4 KiB333
FMLMN0ITT72.9 KiB323
FMLGP0XTT73.3 KiB448
FMLSU0BTT73.9 KiB322
FMLRA0XTT74.1 KiB288
FMLBH0BTT74.5 KiB476
FMLAM0ITT74.9 KiB600
FMLSU0NTT75.2 KiB338
FMLSU0XTT75.2 KiB333
FMLGP0ITT75.5 KiB424
FMLRA0ITT75.6 KiB298
FMLAM0XTT75.7 KiB574
FMLSU0ITT75.9 KiB329
FMLBH0NTT75.9 KiB460

We did not create these fonts and do not have any legal rights on these fonts.  This is a collection of various websites. We provide them free to our readers. As far as we are aware all of these fonts are free for non-commercial use. Some of them are also free for commercial use. If you have any questions regarding copyright or what constitutes commercial use you should contact the font author. If anybody found the sharing of any of these fonts are violating any copyright laws, please inform us. Our address –

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